The new Backside T-shirts are here!

The new Backside T-shirts are here!

Backside is offering new t-shirts and jerseys for the 24 season, available at our shop! These items have been designed by Elodie Bodart. She offers a variety of products, each uniquely customized by herself. 

Elodie is a young 26-year-old artist from Belgium who has been based in Verbier for several months now. She works as an interior architect at Arp Architects and has always been passionate about drawing, design, and art in general. Inspired by her surroundings, nature, and personal experiences, she translates these influences into her drawings. She has the ability to create compositions that resonate with what people have in mind. 

We trusted her to design our t-shirts, which are fun and colorful, just like her. 

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