Ludo May: Pedal in the exciting world of a local Pro Rider

Ludo May: Pedal in the exciting world of a local Pro Rider

The imposing mountains of Verbier are famous for their ski and mountain bike trails, but they are also home to a hidden treasure of the mountain bike world: Ludo May, a renowned professional rider. Originally from this charming region, Ludo rose through the ranks to become an accomplished pro rider, conquering the most demanding trails around the world. His passion for cycling and his success in the sport make him a role model and a source of inspiration for many mountain bike enthusiasts.

Always on two wheels

Ludo May has charted his path to success since his childhood, exploring the trails of the Val de Bagnes region from a very young age. His determination and passion for mountain biking propelled him to competitions first at the regional and national level and then his path continued to the World Cup. Subsequently, he met photographers from the region, which allowed him to develop the image side and video projects. Today, he has been living his passion fully as a professional for ten years.

We want fun with SCOR

The young SCOR brand was born in the hands of BMC employees. Their vision for this new bike was clear: it wouldn't just be a racing machine, but a way to enjoy cycling for pure pleasure, without worrying about performance. Passion and fun were at the heart of this project.

Ludo, who was first at BMC, joined SCOR from the start, when the bikes were still just drawings. He was able to see the evolution between the first prototype two years before the official release of the brand. Ludo reveals to us that he was hard to believe that a bicycle would see the light of day. From the simple idea to its realization, two years can seem like an eternity for a rider. He is one of the brand ambassadors and is very proud of it. He describes his feeling with SCOR in these terms: "As soon as you jump on the bike, you feel like you're at home."

No nature, no bike

A very important part of cycling for Ludo is protecting what he loves most: nature. He is attentive to the preservation of trails and the protection of the environment so that everyone can enjoy them for as long as possible. This is why Ludo is committed to the EntreTrail association, whose objective is to maintain mountain bike trails, raise awareness and educate people on this subject. The rider wants to raise awareness in his community of the importance of nature, because it is thanks to nature that mountain biking can be practiced. It is therefore crucial to monitor our impact on the environment.

All this to see on video

This close collaboration between Ludo and Backside has created a series of captivating videos published in the form of short episodes. We can't wait to share these interviews where Ludo communicates his thoughts on various topics related to cycling, respect for nature as well as fascinating anecdotes. He passes on his knowledge, his enthusiasm and his experiences in the world of mountain biking to us. His unique vision of the sport and his passionate approach are sure to inspire and motivate you to venture out onto the trails. Stay tuned for our next publications to dive into the thrilling world of rider Ludo May.


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